World Series Game 7 Preview


Game 7 is amazing to watch in any sport. My favorite sport is baseball, so I’m probably biased, but I believe Game 7 is the best in baseball. After such a long series, with both teams still even, both teams prepare themselves to give everything they have for one game. That means that every pitcher and hitter is available, no matter how tired or how many pitches they threw in the series. This year, we get the treat of a Game 7 in the World Series.

This is a scenario that anyone that was a fan, coach, or player of baseball has fantasized about for hours in their

Will the San Francisco Giants or the Kansas City Royals capture the World Series crown tonight?

Will the San Francisco Giants or the Kansas City Royals capture the World Series crown tonight?

lifetime. You imagine the giant stage, with the possibility of your performance being the deciding factor in your team taking home the World Series title. It’s truly an all-or-nothing game and it will be exciting to watch.

The match up tonight is the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants and they are playing Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City. The Royals are starting P Jeremy Guthrie and the Giants are starting P Tim Hudson. Both pitchers will have a short leash, as any pitcher will be available for both teams. Giants’ ace P Madison Bumgarner should appear in the game tonight despite starting Games 1 and 5. It’s even possible that P Yordano Ventura, who won Game 6 for the Royals, could appear tonight. “All hands on deck” as they say. Both lineups will be at their offensive peaks, as both benefit from the DH use in the American League ballpark. It allows them to enter an extra bat in the lineup, without sacrificing any fielding.

This game could honestly go either way, as they are both extremely talented and have performed in clutch situations throughout the series. The Royals have the home field advantage, but I don’t think that will phase a team like the Giants. All in all, I believe that San Francisco will find a way to get things done, and add their third World Series trophy in the last five years. Could we be on the verge of a dynasty? Stay tuned, and watch Game 7 on FOX.


NFL Season – 1/2 Way Mark


It’s crazy to think that half of the NFL’s regular season is over, but this is the harsh reality as we are entering Week 9 beginning on Thursday night. At this point in the year, the contenders are pretty well defined, and those who will most likely miss the playoffs are pretty well known. Let’s take a look at where each team stands, and how my predictions are looking halfway through the season:

Tom Brady (above) has silenced the doubters, and led the Patriots to an early division lead.

Tom Brady (above) has silenced the doubters, and led the Patriots to an early division lead.

AFC East

1. New England Patriots (6-2)

2. Buffalo Bills (5-3)

3. Miami Dolphins (4-3)

4. New York Jets (1-7)

So far, this division is mostly going how I predicted, with the Patriots out front and the Jets in the cellar. However, Ididn’t have the Bills winning as many games as they have, and the team has shown to be formidable, even on the road.  While this division looks tight, with Buffalo only trailing New England by a game, it really is the Patriots’ division to lose. Now that RB C.J. Spiller is injured for the Bills, I expect them to fall off the pace, and miss the playoffs.

AFC North

1. Cincinnati Bengals (4-2-1)

T-2. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-3)

T-2. Baltimore Ravens (5-3)

4. Cleveland Browns (4-3)

This division is still about as tight as it was at the 1/4 way mark of the season, and I wouldn’t expect this trend to end any time soon. The AFC North will probably provide the closest division race in the NFL this season, with both the Steelers and Ravens looking like they are hitting their stride. While Cincinnati has struggled the past few weeks, I expect their offense to improve once WR A.J. Green returns from injury. The biggest surprise in the division has to be the Cleveland Browns, who are still above the .500 mark. Obviously, Cleveland is a better team than I gave them credit for, and it will be interesting to see how long they can keep the pace.

AFC South

1. Indianapolis Colts (5-3)

2. Houston Texans (4-4)

3. Tennessee Titans (2-6)

4. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-7)

This division was as easy to predict as any in the NFL. The Colts have a solid grip on first place, despite Houston only trailing by a game. Simply, the Colts are in a class above every other team in their division. I don’t expect the Texans to remain at the .500 mark for the rest of the season, making it a cakewalk to the division title for the Colts. Obviously, the Titans and Jaguars are only in the hunt for the first overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. I wouldn’t expect any changes to these standings.

AFC West

1. Denver Broncos (6-1)

2. San Diego Chargers (5-3)

3. Kansas City Chiefs (4-3)

4. Oakland Raiders (0-7)

I predicted this division perfectly thus far, as the Denver Broncos have shown that they are the NFL’s best team thus far, and the class of the AFC West. The Chargers have also looked impressive, and should continue to be in the hunt for the playoffs. On the other hand, the Chiefs are a team on the fringe. They need to find some consistency, or else they may end up being an 8-8 team at season’s end. Finally, the Oakland Raiders’ are already planning their off season vacations, and awaiting their chance at taking FSU QB Jameis Winston in the 2015 NFL Draft. Oakland could be the next team to go 0-16.

NFC East

1. Dallas Cowboys (6-2)

2. Philadelphia Eagles (5-2)

3. New York Giants (3-4)

4. Washington Redskins (3-5)

The surprise of the year thus far in the NFL has been the Dallas Cowboys. I predicted that this team would finish in last place, and man, was I wrong. Despite being touted as one of the worst defenses in the NFL, the Cowboys have shown the ability to compete with anyone. It will be interesting to see if they falter, as many doubters of the Cowboys believe they will. The only other competitor in the division is the Philadelphia Eagles, who are coming off a tough loss in Arizona. If the Eagles can improve their running game behind a healthy offensive line, I still expect them to take this division from the Cowboys. On the other hand, the Giants and Redskins have been the definition of mediocre this season, and have suffered a variety of injuries that have severely hurt their chances to compete this season. I’d expect both teams to be on the outside, looking in come playoff time.

NFC North

Matthew Stafford (above) has lead the surprising Lions to the lead in the NFC North standings.

Matthew Stafford (above) has lead the surprising Lions to the lead in the NFC North standings.

1. Detroit Lions (6-2)

2. Green Bay Packers (5-3)

T-3. Chicago Bears (3-5)

T-3. Minnesota Vikings (3-5)

When was the last time the Detroit Lions were in first place halfway through the season? They are quite the surprise, as I only had the Lions finishing 8-8. The team would need to majorly falter down the stretch for my prediction to come true, and despite an injury to WR Calvin Johnson, the Lions look like a legitimate playoff team for the first time in a long time. The team I predicted would win the division, the Green Bay Packers, is looking like it’s defense is made of Swiss cheese after losing to struggling New Orleans. I expect the Packers to get back on track, but it shall be an interesting two-team race down the stretch. Unfortunately for the Bears and Vikings, they have stumbled to 3-5 records respectively, and don’t have any hope at making the playoffs the way they are playing.

NFC South

T-1. Carolina Panthers (3-4)

T-1. New Orleans Saints (3-4)

3. Atlanta Falcons (2-6)

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-6)

There are surprises to this NFL season, and there are also disappointments. After being anointed a Super Bowl contender before the season, the New Orleans Saints haven’t even looked like a playoff team, and are the biggest disappointment thus far. The Saints’ defense is one of the worst groups in the NFL, despite the addition of S Jairus Byrd in the off season. However, I still think the Saints will end up taking this division. The Panthers, Falcons, and Buccaneers are three of the worst teams in football this season, and I don’t expect the tide to change for any of the teams. Expect New Orleans to wake up at some point, and take this division with either 9 or 10 wins.

NFC West

1. Arizona Cardinals (6-1)

T-2. San Francisco 49ers (4-3)

T-2. Seattle Seahawks (4-3)

4. St. Louis Rams (2-5)

I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted these division standings for halfway through the season. The defending champion Seattle Seahawks have lost three games already, and the San Francisco 49ers haven’t looked any better. To top it off, the division’s hottest team to end last season, the Arizona Cardinals, picked up where they left off, and have jumped out to a 6-1 start despite many injuries to crucial players. The Cardinals have shown that they are true playoff contenders, and despite my prediction, I now know that they will make the playoffs. It will be interesting to watch the Seahawks and 49ers battle it out for what could be the final playoff spot in the NFC. Finally, the Rams are a team already planning for their off season.

As the season has gone on, some of my predictions are looking less and less accurate, but that comes with the craziness that is the NFL Regular Season! Keep watching and enjoy as the season continues to get closer to playoff time.


NBA Finals Prediction


After a little more than four months, the NBA is ready to begin its regular season, which kicks off tonight. The leading story lines of the opening night games are Lakers G Kobe Bryant returning to action, and the defending NBA champion, San Antonio Spurs, open their season against rising opponent, the Dallas Mavericks. It should be one of the most interesting seasons in recent memory, and there’s no better time than now for an NBA Finals Prediction!

Previously, I previewed both the Eastern and Western conferences. In those previews, I predicted that the Chicago Bulls will be the Eastern Conference champions, and the Dallas Mavericks will be the Western Conference champions. This sets up my NBA Finals match up:


Chicago Bulls vs. Dallas Mavericks

Series Prediction: Mavericks win 4-3

Dirk Nowitzki (above) and the Dallas Mavericks are looking to win another championship, as depicted in this picture from 2011.

Dirk Nowitzki (above) and the Dallas Mavericks are looking to win another championship, as depicted in this picture from 2011.

I figure a lot of people would say “WOW” when they read I’m picking the Dallas Mavericks to win the NBA Finals. Yet, all the pieces are there. Dallas has a deep team, and the additions of F Chandler Parsons and C Tyson Chandler add a scoring and defensive dimension that was lacking from this team previously. Plus, Chandler was on the Mavericks when they beat the Heat for the title in 2011. Not to mention, they STILL have superstar F Dirk Nowitzki, who is playing at a reduced salary so that the Mavericks could add players around him. This is a similar situation to Spurs F Tim Duncan, who makes much less than market value would suggest, but chooses to take a lower salary because he wants to win. The same can be said for Nowitzki. Simply, I think the stars are just aligned for Dallas. Nowitzki knows what it takes to win a championship, and knows that this will be his best shot to add another championship before he calls it a career.

These are my predictions for the upcoming NBA year, and I hope everyone can enjoy what should be a very entertaining basketball season!


NBA Western Conference Preview


After previewing the NBA Eastern Conference a few days ago, it’s only fitting to complete the other half of the NBA picture, and take a look at how the Western Conference should shake out this year. Interesting story lines are prevalent throughout the conference, as the defending champion San Antonio Spurs are looking to continue their dominance, while the Oklahoma City Thunder will look to fight through MVP F Kevin Durant‘s foot injury that should sideline him 6-8 weeks.

Western Conference


1. San Antonio Spurs (58-24)

Is this really a surprise? The Spurs are a model of consistency. Their style of fundamentally sound play is easy to replicate night in and night out. Also, they essentially lost no one from their championship roster of last season, and added F Kyle Anderson in the draft. Many scouts thought Anderson could be drafted as high as the mid-teens, so this could end up being a steal for the Spurs. Definitely expect this team to pace the West.

2. Los Angeles Clippers (55-27)

This is a team that I’m the most excited to watch this season. I feel that with the addition of F Spencer Hawes and it being the third season that head coach Doc Rivers has his system put in place, the Clippers have the most room for improvement in the NBA. If the team buys in, and plays Rivers’ style of hard-nosed defense, they can easily contend for the NBA title this season. That being said, they still won’t be as consistent as San Antonio.

3. Dallas Mavericks (53-29)

This might come as a shock to most people, but the Dallas Mavericks should be one of the most improved teams in the

Dirk Nowitzki (above) and the Dallas Mavericks are ready to make a run.

Dirk Nowitzki (above) and the Dallas Mavericks are ready to make a run.

NBA this season. The team had quite the off season, bringing back C Tyson Chandler via trade, and adding Fs Chandler Parsons, Rashard Lewis, and Charlie Villanueva. These role players added around F Dirk Nowitzki and G Monta Ellis make Dallas look like the team that won the NBA title in 2011, and they should be able to surprise some people in the very competitive Western Conference.

4. Houston Rockets (52-30)

Simply put, G James Harden and C Dwight Howard have a year of experience together, and should be able to continue to progress. However, they are in one of the most competitive divisions in basketball, so their regular season record might not accurately reflect their progress. Yet, with the Thunder being weaker for about half the season, Houston should be able to claim a spot in the top half of the Western Conference playoffs.

5. Oklahoma City Thunder (51-31)

A drop to the fifth spot in the Western Conference is what losing F Kevin Durant means to the Thunder. G Russell Westbrook will have to carry the load for the first time in his career, and I don’t expect things to run as efficiently as they would with Durant around. I believe Durant’s absence will cost the Thunder some playoff positioning, but they will ultimately still be in postseason play.

6. Golden State Warriors (50-32)

Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry (above, right to left) will look to improve under new head coach, Steve Kerr.

Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry (above, right to left) will look to improve under new head coach, Steve Kerr.

The Warriors will go through an adjustment period under new head coach Steve Kerr, but it shouldn’t be anything major. If often injured F David Lee and C Andrew Bogut can stay healthy, the talent of Gs Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson alone should carry Golden State into the playoffs. This is one of the more interesting teams in the West, as they boast many youthful players that haven’t reached their full potential yet. With the ceiling unknown, the sky is truly the limit for the Warriors.

7. Portland Trail Blazers (50-32)

Even though this would look like a step back for a Blazers team that finished fifth in the West last season, the fall is just due to the competitiveness of the West. The conference is so talented, that a few games mean everything when it comes to positioning at the end of the regular season. All in all, the Blazers didn’t make a bunch of moves in the off season, and are mostly the same team as last season. Portland must hope for continued maturity from their young players if they hope to make a run in the playoffs.

8. Phoenix Suns (50-32)

After barely missing the playoffs last season, I fully expect the Phoenix Suns to use that to drive them to the final playoff spot in the West. G Eric Bledsoe is returning despite dicey contract negotiations, and the additions of Gs Isaiah Thomas and Zoran Dragic should have the Suns playing a style of small-guard ball that will be hard for any team to guard.


9. Memphis Grizzlies (48-34)

10. Denver Nuggets (47-35)

11. Sacramento Kings (44-38)

12. New Orleans Pelicans (38-44)

13. Minnesota Timberwolves (34-48)

14. Los Angeles Lakers (30-52)

15. Utah Jazz (27-55)

Many people have the Grizzlies or Nuggets in the playoffs over the Suns this season, but I’m not big on either team’s off season moves. Memphis got just another year older without adding any new scoring punch, and the Nuggets have yet to fill the hole made when G Andre Iguodala left for Golden State. The biggest improvement of these teams should be the Sacramento Kings, who added Gs Darren Collison, Nik Stauskas and Ramon Sessions to help spread the floor and run the offense more efficiently. The Kings should be a team to watch as they are on the rise. Similar sentiments can be echoed for the New Orleans Pelicans, who should continue to improve as F Anthony Davis continues to blossom into an NBA superstar. However, the bottom three in the conference (Timberwolves, Lakers, Jazz) are in the midst of rebuilding phases. It will be years before any of these teams compete again, and will be amongst the worst teams in the NBA this season.

Playoff Predictions

1st Round

1. Spurs vs. 8. Suns

Series Prediction: Spurs win 4-0

2. Clippers vs. 7. Trail Blazers

Series Prediction: Clippers win 4-2

3. Mavericks vs. 6. Warriors

Series Prediction: Mavericks win 4-3

4. Rockets vs. 5. Thunder

Series Prediction: Thunder win 4-2

2nd Round

1. Spurs vs. 5. Thunder

Series Prediction: Spurs win 4-3

2. Clippers vs. 3. Mavericks

Series Prediction: Mavericks win 4-3

Western Conference Finals

1. Spurs vs. 3. Mavericks

Series Prediction: Mavericks win 4-3

I believe it’s time for another championship run in Dallas. F Dirk Nowitzki knows his window of opportunity is closing, and this will probably be the best team he has ever played with. If Nowitzki can find that same magic he had in 2011, his stronger supporting cast should help propel the Mavericks into the NBA Finals. Overall, it should be an amazingly interesting playoffs, and there are story lines that are prevalent in both the regular and postseason.

Peyton Manning Breaks All-Time Passing TD Record


Some records in sports are known and revered because they are incredibly rare and hard feats to accomplish. Examples of these are 800 goals in the NHL, 500 Home Runs in the MLB, and 500 Passing Touchdowns in the NFL. Some records will never be broken, such as Gretzky’s 890 goals mark. Tonight, Denver Broncos’ QB Peyton Manning set a record that I doubt will ever be touched again.

Late in the 2nd quarter, Manning delivered a touchdown strike to WR Demaryius Thomas to pass Brett Favre for first place on the all-time

Peyton Manning (above) passed Brett Favre on the all-time Passing Touchdowns list, with 509 TD.

Peyton Manning (above) passed Brett Favre on the all-time Passing Touchdowns list, with 509 TD.

touchdown list, with 509 TDs. However, unlike Favre, this isn’t where Manning’s career ends. In fact, with the time that Peyton has left in the NFL, he very well could become the first member of the 600 Passing Touchdown club. That would be an incredible feat, but even if Manning didn’t reach that mark, it is likely that he will hold this record forever. It’s something that we as fans should appreciate, as we have been able to watch Manning’s career unfold, and it truly has been one of the greatest careers of all-time. Obviously, it will end in Manning being enshrined in Canton, Ohio at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, as he deserves.

Congratulations Peyton, and thank you for showing the world what hard work and dedication can really accomplish.

NBA Eastern Conference Preview


With the NBA Regular Season set to begin in a little under two weeks, now is a great time to preview the upcoming season. It should be one of the most fascinating seasons in recent memory, as many star players, such as F LeBron James, have changed teams during the off season. Here is my take on how the Eastern Conference will shake out this year:

Eastern Conference


1. Chicago Bulls (58-24)

You heard it here first! The Chicago Bulls are equipped to take the top spot in the Eastern Conference this season. Coach Tom Thibodeau always has his team prepared to play defense, but the addition of F Pau Gasol via free agency, F Doug McDermott via the draft and a healthy season from star PG Derrick Rose should have this team pacing the way in the East. Solid defense can last over a full season, and now the Bulls have some scoring punch to back it up.

2. Cleveland Cavaliers (54-28)

Even the mighty LeBron James can’t bring the Cavaliers to total regular season dominance right away in his first season

The Cleveland Cavaliers, featuring Kyrie Irving, LeBron James, Kevin Love (left to right, above), look to make some noise in the East this season.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, featuring Kyrie Irving, LeBron James, Kevin Love (left to right, above), look to make some noise in the East this season.

back with the team. It will take time to build chemistry with PG Kyrie Irving, and newly acquired F Kevin Love before Cleveland can try for any regular season wins records. That being said, they will easily be one of the best teams in the East this season, and have the potential to make an NBA title run.

3. Washington Wizards (50-32)

The Washington Wizards will break the 50 win mark this season. Additions of F Paul Pierce from free agency, and a year under his belt for 2013 first rounder, Otto Porter, Jr., have the Wizards set to really make a run in the Eastern Conference. This could be one of the more exciting teams to watch this season, as their up-tempo style, led by PG John Wall, racks up a lot of points and creates a lot of highlight reel plays. As the Wizards continue to gain experience, they will become a legitimate threat in the Eastern Conference this season.

4. Miami Heat (48-34)

LeBron’s old team didn’t just disband. To “replace” LeBron (lord knows you can’t ever replace LeBron), the Heat brought in Fs Luol Deng and Danny Granger. They also still have star players G Dwyane Wade and F Chris Bosh. While they aren’t the same team that the Big 3 was in past seasons, Miami still has what it takes to compete in a relatively weak Eastern Conference. Imagine a match up of the Cavaliers and Heat late in the playoffs. That would be great playoff drama, and has a legitimate chance of happening, as the Heat are one of the few that can truly win the East this season.

5. Indiana Pacers (47-35)

Beginning with the Pacers, this is where the fall off in the East truly begins. None of these teams, including the Pacers, have what it takes to capture the Eastern Conference title this season. F Paul George suffered a gruesome leg injury while playing for Team USA this summer, and Indiana simply doesn’t have what it takes to be truly competitive without him. While the Pacers will make the playoffs in the East, I think it’s safe to say that they are the beginning of the Eastern Conference teams that wouldn’t make the playoffs if they were to play in the Western Conference.

6. Toronto Raptors (47-35)

The Raptors are one of those teams that are kind of stuck in mediocrity. They have good players, such as Gs DeMar DeRozan and Terrence Ross, but simply lack the true scoring punch or defensive presence that puts teams over the top. Yet, Toronto should expect another trip to the playoffs, and another early exit.

New head coach, Derek Fisher, and team president, Phil Jackson (left to right, above) are looking to put the New York Knicks back on the map.

New head coach, Derek Fisher, and team president, Phil Jackson (left to right, above) are looking to put the New York Knicks back on the map.

7. New York Knicks (44-38)

This prediction could come as a surprise to many, but I was a fan of a lot of the Knicks’ off season moves, including acquiring Gs Jose Calderon and Shane Larkin. New York isn’t ready to contend for titles yet, but should definitely show enough improvement under their new head coach, Derek Fisher, to return to the playoffs.

8. Brooklyn Nets (42-40)

The Nets got worse this off season. They were already an aging team, and Brooklyn did nothing but get older. The Nets also lost F Paul Pierce in free agency, and are hoping that G Deron Williams bounces back from an injury-plagued season in ’13-’14. Until Brooklyn can clear some cap room, they should expect a pattern of early playoff exits.


9. Atlanta Hawks (41-41)

10. Charlotte Hornets (39-43)

11. Detroit Pistons (34-48)

12. Boston Celtics (30-52)

13. Milwaukee Bucks (22-60)

14. Orlando Magic (20-62)

15. Philadelphia 76ers (20-62)

Some people are higher on the Charlotte Hornets than I am going into this season, mostly because they added G Lance Stephenson in free agency. I could see them battling for the final spot in the playoffs late in the season, but I think a team with more experience, like the Nets, can better handle pressure situations. The Hawks and Pistons are a couple of teams that are similar to the Raptors, in that they are stuck in mediocrity. Toronto’s version is simply better than Atlanta or Detroit’s depiction. The bottom four teams (Celtics, Bucks, Magic, 76ers) are the teams that contain many recent, high-profile college basketball stars that are just getting their starts in the NBA. They will be fun to watch as the young players develop, but they will not compete in the near future.


1st Round

1. Bulls vs. 8. Nets

Series Prediction: Bulls win 4-2

2. Cavaliers vs. 7. Knicks

Series Prediction: Cavs win 4-1

3. Wizards vs. 6. Raptors

Series Prediction: Wizards win 4-1

4. Heat vs. 5. Pacers

Series Prediction: Heat win 4-2

2nd Round

1. Bulls vs. 4. Heat

Series Prediction: Bulls win 4-1

2. Cavaliers vs. 3. Wizards

Series Prediction: Cavs win 4-3

Eastern Conference Finals

1. Bulls vs. 2. Cavaliers

Series Prediction: Bulls win 4-3

I’ve gotta believe that this is G Derrick Rose’s year. It will be his best chance at an NBA Championship, as I fully expect LeBron to put together a few championships in Cleveland in the next couple seasons. I’m going to say that the inexperience of some of the Cavs’ young players, and the Bulls’ extraordinary defense will be the deciding factors, and allow the Bulls to advance to their first NBA Finals since Michael Jordan was still in Chicago.

Should NCAA/FSU suspend QB Jameis Winston?

Jameis Winston (above) may have a connection to 950 items found on a signature authenticator's website.

Jameis Winston (above) may have a connection to 950 items found on a signature authenticator’s website.

From the day QB Jameis Winston stepped on campus at Florida State University, his name has been in the headlines. However, it’s not always for scoring touchdowns, or leading the Seminoles to victory, but for some rather odd choices, or “mistakes” as some have put them. Obviously, there were very serious sexual allegation charges against Winston, but they were dismissed because of lack of evidence. Yet, Winston has continued to keep his off-the-field life in the headlines.

This past year, Winston was cited for shoplifting crab legs from a store, and suspended a game for getting on a table and yelling a profanity in the student union building. These seem to be minor faults that could be passed off as someone just “acting their age”, as Winston is only 20 years old.

Then, ESPN broke news that a signature authenticator has 950 items of Florida State memorabilia signed by Winston. This is the same scenario that got Georgia RB Todd Gurley suspended indefinitely. Just another “mistake” by Winston, huh?

That’s the impression you get from Florida State, beginning with head coach Jimbo Fisher. When asked about the situation, Fisher stated that he simply took Winston at his word that he didn’t take money for the autographs, and said that Winston will continue to play. Yet another pass for Famous Jameis. Of course, Florida State isn’t going to step up and take the Heisman Trophy winner out of the game.

That leads to this question. How is it fair that two college football players commit the same offense, and only one of them get suspended for the violation? It’s NOT.

The issue of the players making some money off of their signatures is a separate conversation, but as of right now, it’s deemed not legal by the NCAA, and they as the organization in charge should step up and enforce their policy, even if it means taking college football’s biggest star off the field.