Super Bowl Recap


WOW. I think that’s the best way to summarize the Patriots’ 28-24 comeback victory over the Seahawks in the Super Bowl on Sunday evening. Just wow.

This Super Bowl will definitely be remembered, but for a number of different reasons. The most notable may be the decision to throw the ball when the Seahawks were within 5 yards of the end

Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick (above, left to right) won their fourth Super Bowl together.

Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick (above, left to right) won their fourth Super Bowl together.

zone with 20 seconds on the clock and a timeout in hand. The result of the play was an interception that clinched the Super Bowl title for New England.

This play call will be the most second guessed call in NFL history, and is something that coach Pete Carroll and QB Russell Wilson are going to be haunted by for a very long time. I have to believe that the Seahawks thought they could catch the Patriots’ defense off guard by calling the pass in an obvious running situation, but the risk of throwing that interception in that situation would have been too much of a risk for my taste. However, the most questionable part of this move is that Seattle has arguably the best running back in the NFL, Marshawn Lynch, but they decided to take the ball out of his hands when it was the biggest moment. That decision could be regretted for a long time.

For the Patriots, this could be the beginning of another dynasty. The team’s core is relatively young, and the defense is the best that New England has ever had. QB Tom Brady is entering his final years, but gives the Patriots a window of opportunity for about the next 3 years. Overall, this fourth Super Bowl victory essentially cements Brady and coach Bill Belichick’s legacy as the greatest coach-QB duo in NFL history, and they still have time to add onto their records.

On the other side, the Seahawks are still one of the best teams in the NFL and should have a great shot at making a deep run in the postseason next year. However, with a Super Bowl loss often comes much change, and Seattle is already losing coordinator Darrell Bevell, as he becomes the Atlanta Falcons next head coach. Its possible that Lynch doesn’t return to the team next season, as it has been rumored that he could possibly retire or move onto another team who is ready to deal with his antics. Another challenge Seattle will face is resigning many of its major players, such as CB Byron Maxwell, who is an unrestricted free agent. The team will also look to resign QB Russell Wilson and S Earl Thomas, who are entering the final seasons in their contracts. Of course, the future is always more hazy after a loss, but the Seahawks’ future is still bright.

It has been another unpredictable and entertaining NFL season, capped off by the grand finale this evening! Now, it’s time for baseball season, am I right?