Why Jimmy Rollins is Hall of Fame Bound


Before you judge and think, well there is a crazy Phillies’ phan gone mad, consider this. In three less Major League seasons, Jimmy Rollins has already passed Hall of Fame SS Barry Larkin in several offensive categories, including home runs, hits, doubles, triples, runs and stolen bases. IN THREE FEWER YEARS.

Of course, Rollins career isn’t complete just yet, as he is

Jimmy Rollins (above) donning his more recognizable Phillies' garb.

Jimmy Rollins (above) donning his more recognizable Phillies’ garb.

finishing up his first and possibly final season with the Los Angeles Dodgers at the ripe age of 36. If I had to guess, I’d say Rollins has about 1-3 years left, and that would be as a starter/part-time player for either a contender or a young and rebuilding team in need of veteran leadership (a la the Phillies, Rollins’ old team).

The point is, Rollins isn’t done adding to his career totals just yet.   At 2414 hits, collecting 3000 does seem a bit far-fetched, but even if he ends up around 2700 hits, that’s a hell of a major league career. Currently, Rollins has 928 RBI’s so he stands a good chance at collecting 1000, which is a rarity among middle infielders in their careers.

Through age 35, Rollins has put up more impressive numbers than many Hall of Famers have at this point in their careers. For example, Rollins bests Hall of Fame 2B Craig Biggio in several offensive categories, including home runs, hits, doubles, triples, runs, and stolen bases at the same point in their careers. Yes, Biggio went on to have six more productive seasons with the Astros, but as I said, Rollins isn’t done yet.

Already, Rollins has passed Hall-of-Famer 2B Joe Morgan in doubles and triples, and should pass him in hits in the coming seasons. With the accolades piling up, Rollins is putting himself in the upper echelon of baseball’s greats.

Not only does Rollins have the numbers, he has the victories that cement his legacy as a champion. He was the leader of the team that produced the greatest era of Phillies’ baseball ever, including five straight division titles, two World Series appearance, one World Series Championship and an MVP trophy to boot. With all that hardware, it seems like the only thing Rollins is missing is that plaque that will be hanging in Cooperstown, displaying his toothy grin below his most recognizable Phillies’ cap.