Why A Johnny Manziel Trade To The Cowboys Is Best


Less than two years removed from being selected with the 22nd overall pick in the NFL Draft, it appears QB Johnny Manziel‘s career with the Cleveland Browns is over. After a highly publicized up and down ride with the team that has resulted in benching and ultimately disapproval from


Johnny Manziel (above) has had a less than successful tenure with the Cleveland Browns.

the coaching staff, it appears that the Browns are ready to move on from Manziel and his antics. Frankly, I think that is the best thing for Manziel and the Browns.

First off, I’m going to take the unpopular stance and defend Manziel. Obviously, he enjoys partying, but don’t many other professional athletes with millions of dollars at their disposal? In fact, I believe it is only publicized because Manziel is such a polarizing figure, and media outlets and companies know he’s a walking headline. I would be willing to bet that a Super Bowl winning quarterback¬†has gone out with some teammates at some point this season, and not had it make national news.

Second, when Manziel has seen the field, he has been the best Browns’ quarterback in the past decade, and simply has not seen enough consistent playing time to build any sort of rhythm or overpowering results. Simply put, I believe the Browns have mishandled Manziel (and the team in general).

So, when you move passed all of the media headlines, I see a quarterback that is less than two years removed from being a first round pick that needs a fresh start and opportunity to learn a system, and get consistent playing time before being written off.

This is where the Cowboys come in. Owner Jerry Jones made comments to the media recently about being willing to acquire a quarterback to back up QB Tony Romo even if it took some “considerable risk.” Just a guess based


Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones (above) has never been afraid to make headlines or bold moves.

on history (Jones is reported to have wanted to draft Manziel in 2014) but I figure that Jones is referencing Manziel. At this point, it probably wouldn’t cost the Cowboys more than a fifth round pick to acquire a player with high upside, which is definitely worth the risk.

All in all, I think a Manziel trade to the Cowboys would be a perfect scenario and environment for him to succeed (and trust me, it burns to say that for an Eagles’ fan). First, Manziel is rumored to be interested in going to Dallas, as he is from Texas and went to college at Texas A&M. This may be a better environment for him, as he would be able to be surrounded by family and friends. Although, that could be a double-edged sword, as it is possible that the same people Manziel surrounds himself with are also part of his off the field issues. However, I’d be willing to bet that Manziel would be gracious enough to have an opportunity to play at home that he would be an “outstanding” citizen of sorts, simply making less headlines and being known more for his play on the field.

Second, Manziel would be able to settle into a backup role and learn the system behind oft-injured QB Tony Romo. With an off season, training camp, and a few regular season games to sit, watch and become comfortable, I think Manziel would be ready to go when called upon.

Third, the Cowboys offense has transformed in the past couple of seasons to rely on the running game first behind a tenacious offensive line. If Dallas were to add a dynamic running back, the passing game would play second fiddle, and be able to become more explosive once the defense is drawn into the box to play the run. This would benefit not only Manziel but Romo, who had his best season in 2014 when RB DeMarco Murray led the league in rushing. Not to mention that Manziel provides a dual-threat at quarterback, and would add another dimension to the Dallas offense to cause opposing defenses headaches.

Finally, by shipping a low draft pick to Cleveland for Manziel, the Cowboys would be making a low risk, high reward move that could net them their quarterback of the future. If it didn’t work out for some reason, be it more off the field issues or simply lack of talent, the Cowboys would be able to move on and draft a quarterback better suited for them.

Overall, I believe this is a move that needs to happen, and could result in a dynamic offense in Dallas for years to come.


Top Choices for Eagles’ Head Coaching Search


After what could only be described as a disastrous year run as head coach and final decision maker on player personnel, the Philadelphia Eagles and owner Jeffrey Lurie decided it was time to remove Chip Kelly from his post.


Eagles’ owner Jeffrey Lurie (above) decided the franchise needed to go in a different direction.

Kelly made a number of questionable roster moves in the off season prior to 2015, trading the franchise’s all-time leading rusher LaSean McCoy, allowing WR Jeremy Maclin to leave via free agency, and releasing Pro Bowl G Evan Mathis in the summer.

Overall, Kelly shipped out All-Star talent and was not able to replace it, and his demeanor and overbearing “control everything” style did not sit well with the players, or other members of the Eagles’ front office.

Now, the team embarks on a coaching search to find Kelly’s long term replacement, with a few key attributes in mind. The Eagles want the next coach to be a strong personality, someone who can represent the players and front office in the media, and not “turn off” so many people in the way that Kelly did.

Next, the coach must be a better communicator and have more of a cooperative style with his players, which is an area that Kelly really lacked a skill set in. Finally, the coach must be in it for the long haul, and have the belief of the team and staff that he can truly lead them to a Super Bowl victory.

While a number of names have been floated around in the past week, I believe there are only a few names that fit this criteria, and would make a good hire for the Eagles.

In order of preference, here are my choices for next head coach of the Eagles:

1. Sean Payton – current New Orleans Saints’ head coach

Until Payton has met with GM Mickey Loomis and owner Tom Benson, this


Sean Payton (above) could be considered a top candidate for several coaching jobs if the Saints part ways with the coach,

is nothing more than a dream. However, if the trio meet and decide it is best to part ways, Payton would immediately become the top candidate. After reviving the Saints’ franchise and winning a Super Bowl title, Payton and the team have been hamstrung by large contracts, taking away their ability to acquire the proper talent to put a winner on the field. That being said, Payton’s track record and favor-ability with players speak for themselves. The icing on top of the cake is that Payton is already familiar with Philadelphia and the franchise, having coached here previously. Essentially, hiring Payton would be a complete 180 from Kelly, and instantly breathe new life into the franchise, as well as attract free agent players to a new and enticing landing spot.

2. Adam Gase – current Bears’ offensive coordinator

Gase is probably best known for his work with Broncos’ QB Peyton Manning, as the two teamed up to put up two of the most prolific seasons for an offense in the history of the NFL. Gase was a popular candidate last off season and interviewed with a few teams, and is already scheduled to speak with the Cleveland Browns. Overall, Gase would provide a much more traditional NFL-style offense, youth, and a breath of fresh air. He is the type of coach that could be the leader of a franchise for 10+ years, and continuity is important to Eagles’ owner Jeffrey Lurie.

3. Steve Spagnuolo – current New York Giants’ defensive coordinator

Another assistant coach under Andy Reid, Spagnuolo has already had a head coaching job in the NFL, struggling through a couple seasons with the St. Louis Rams. After returning to a role as defensive coordinator, Spagnuolo has shown that he is still a valuable member of a staff in the NFL. Having a familiarity with the Eagles should give him a step up on his competition, but the fact that he is a defensive coach may also benefit him, as the Eagles may be looking to transition in that direction after experimenting with an offensive coach in Kelly.

4. Doug Pederson – current Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive coordinator

Pederson has direct ties to the Eagles, playing quarterback for the team in the late ’90s, and being a former coach under Reid. When Reid was axed and left for Kansas City, Pederson followed and gained a position as offensive coordinator, and has led a Chiefs’ offense without All-Pro RB Jamaal Charles to 10 straight victories and a postseason victory. Like some of these other candidates, Pederson’s familiarity with the team should benefit him, and his success this season is definitely something that will interest the Eagles.

After these candidates, it is difficult to imagine a higher that will truly make a large impact on the Eagles. Other rumored candidates, such as Pat Shurmur or even Mike Shanahan, both fizzled out as head coaches in their last positions, and are better left in coordinator roles or retired (as Shanahan had been).